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In/Quest is a software development company that has moved from more traditional forms of software development to web site design, development and hosting.

If you are looking for a smaller firm that can offer close personal attention to your web site design needs please drop us a line.
Ever Wonder ...?

Have I been Pwned?
.. with all those system hacks around the world over the last 10-15 years, whether your email address and password are in the hands of the bad guys? Well check out this site to see if your email address shows up anywhere.

Are you paying too much for your Prescription?
.. with all those drug stores and pharmacies out there, are you paying too much for your medicine..?
GoodRx / Blink Health / WeRx
Where to get a temporary email address?
.. with all those sites on the web that what your email address to sign up, if you are put your email in the wrong hands... well, now there is "10 Minute Email". It gives you a temporary 10 email address. Give the new questionable website your 10minute email and do the email confirmation step. If, after signed up and you are satisfied that it is a good site, change your email to your regular email.
10minutemail.com .
How to find out if a computer file/website is safe?
.. when your computer starts slowing down or misbehaving and you find a suspicious computer file or website you want to verify ... well now you can just upload the file or point at that URL with "VirusTotal" and it will scan and analyze the file / website with every virus/malware checker in the known universe and give you the results.
How to find a real tech support human to talk to?
.. frustrated, takes forever, trying to get to an actual customer service or tech support person.. well know you can speed up the process by typing in the company name at "GetHuman" and it helps in the process.
Where to get Very High Quality Free Pictures?
.. frustrated, hard to find... not any more.
In/Quest Developed, Managed
and/or Hosted Websites
EP Bridge Club
J.Q.Turner & Associates
Is Someone Looking For You? Who? Me?
Carpooling move over.. here comes SkyPool
Agility Wireless Broadband Internet
Dan VanClapp Artist
WebBase Users Group
Wit & More
Bridge Hands Maker
Lafayette College Colorado Alumni
Northport High School 1962 Class List
Dr William J Turner MD & GenderXY
Tennessee/Kentucky KOAs
Workamper Histories

Only Hosted........
Les Schowe Engraving Studio
Engraving Transfers
Exercise 4 Learning
Wendi Turner

Get Your Resume Noticed
Pet Peeves
Is ET here?"
World Trade Center Disaster Sentiments
Kosovo Perspective
Find People Site Link
Farrar Photos
Jailhouse Chili Recipe
Javascript Credit Card encrypting

In/Quest DOS Shareware Programs
Form-2-Database Generator
In/Quest hosting Plan

- Domains $15 per year
- Hosting $65 per year.

We host smaller, simpler websites for $65 per year by using GoDaddy's Hosting Servers. This includes ..
  • FTP access and
  • Upto 2 email addresses and
  • GoDaddy Web Builder or WordPress, Joomla or Drupal development engine and
  • MySQL database is available for an additional fee
Leave your domain name where it is currently registered .... And in many cases, we can have your website moved over and up and running in 15 minutes to our servers, completely transparently, without needing your username or password. Or you can follow our instructions to move your domain and/or your website ... or For a small additional fee, we can move either or both. Just let us know how you would like to procede.

You can have a website up and running in under a day.

We built a partial sample website for a potential client hoping they would like to buy it and host their website with us.. They decided not to take it any further. So... their loss, your gain. If you would like a very low startup and annual cost basic website, just give us a call. If you don't have much more need that a simple website, we will finish the site and have it on the web in short order for $500.

Just click here..

Computing Nostalgia Camping Smart Home / Internet of Things
Atari 800
Colorado KOAs
Insteon Reasons (April 2018)
Apple HomeKit
Home Automation Superstore
Smart Home Tech Explained
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