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Business Plan Resouces

check gif is a comprehensive and easy to find list of Venture Capital firms including a good selection of resources for Entrepreneurs.

check gif National Venture Capital Association (NVCA)
"NVCA is the only public policy advocate for the venture capital and private equity industries." They have a directory of hundreds of members and provide a lot of valuable information for entrepreneurs seeking venture funding."

check gif can give you assistance in obtaining seed level financing. They also provide member entrepreneurs with expert advice, research and reference materials, as well as topical Forums to help launch and grow their startups. organizes bootcamps for startups a "must attend" for any entrepreneur."

check gif Venture Economics
Institutional investors, venture capital firms, investment banks, consulting firms, and notable media circles have identified Venture Economics as the indispensable source for accurate, complete, and timely coverage of investment.

check gif Entrenetwork
Entrenetwork has very well-written articles about finding Venture Capital. The articles are written by successful entrepreneurs and experienced Venture Capitalists. Although the site is targeted at Western Massachusetts startups, they have a lot of very valuable information for your startup, no matter where you are located.

check gif VentureOne
VentureOne offers a range of products and services to assist entrepreneurs in identifying venture capital firms, assessing the valuations of companies comparable to their own, and tracking venture investment activity in their industries. They also have a lot of free resources for entrepreneurs.

check gif Venturescape
If you are a hi-tech entrepreneur or are involved with a promising startup, Venturescape can help you with your venture financing and corporate strategic business development needs through a variety of useful resources.

check gif Finance Hub
Finance Hub, has a large listing of VC firms, and provides resources for entrepreneurs who are looking for financing.

check gif Capital Unlimited
Venture Capital Unlimited is a leading site on the 'Net where companies can showcase their ventures and ideas to thousands of investors from all over the world. You will need to register to access most of their valuable information.

check gif Angel Investors Online
Business partners is a nationwide Internet based service that connects potential partners, angel Investors, Investment Bankers and Venture Capital firms with Startups, mature businesses and entrepreneurs.

check gif Vcapital was founded by venture capitalists and venture capital-backed entrepreneurs. WThey understand the frustrations of raising capital. WThey have reviewed business plans from hundreds of companies and many of these lacked critical information or did not meet our investment criteria. WThey've also been on the other side, sending out business plan after business plan only to get "Not nterested" or silence in return. To eliminate these problems, we started We gives you the tools--and opens the doors--to make raising capital easier and more efficient."

check gif VC Marketplace
"VC Marketplace is dedicated to nurturing young startups, bringing investors and investment-ready startups together, and informing entrepreneurs and the investment community about up-to-date venture capital related resources on the Internet."

check gif Finding Money
"This site has extensive information on how to raise venture capital, locate private investors ("angels"), and also, obtain bank loans to start or grow a small business."

check gif Investor's Network
Investors' Network will supply the support, shared experience, education, training, tools and other resources to help you meet your financial goals. They also have tools to help investors and entrepreneurs get connected.

check gif Business Finance: is designed to assist you in bringing capital to your business or real estate project. Their capital search engine leads you to funding sources that specialize in your; industry, size, stage, amount, and more. They have very valuable information about Venture funding and also other sources of financing a business.


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