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In/Quest Graphic

Web Graphics Tools

Create Better Graphics With...

<> 3D GIF Designer

3D GIF Designer produces animated high-quality 3D pictures, titles, banner ads and buttons for your web page or for a presentation. You can create animations from your own pictures (JPG, GIF, BMP, AVI) and easily add 3D text and shapes.

<> Advanced Batch Converter

Nice utility you can use to easily convert graphic files in normal (file by file) and batch (many files at a time) mode.

<> Advanced GIF Optimizer

A nice utility you can use to easily optimize GIF graphics for your web site. It performs its magic on all files contained within a folder of your choosing. Just find the folder and select Test to preview the difference in file size.

<> Anfy 3D

Anfy 3D is a set of programs to create 3d animations and interactive worlds. Useful to generate animated 3D TEXT logo, import VRML worlds or create from scratch and much more.

<> ArtGem

ArtGem is a fast and powerful all around image editor, suitable for anyone with interest in multimedia graphics, beginner or expert.

<> CDH Image Explorer Pro

Image Explorer Pro allows for fast viewing, editing and management of all your image and video formats. Read and write support is provided for more than 70 formats. It includes more than 100 advanced image manipulation and processing features. All the standard features are provided: crop, resize, rotate, print, zoom, flip and mirror.

<> ClapSE

Captures, organizes, edits images and videos. It adds information, searches, copies, and pastes. It can also add sound and graphical annotations to the image. There is support for many different video and scanner devices along with many different file formats such as: BMP, DIB, WMF, PNG, AVI, GIF, and JPG.

<> Color Pilot

Color Pilot is recommended for users of digital cameras and scanners. The program allows you to make color correction a pleasant creative task.

<> DjVuer

DjVuer is an image conversion tool that allows you to convert images to a DjVu image file format. DjVu file format was developed by AT&T Labs, and offers two important features for high resolution images such as very high compression ratios and the ability to separate high contrast portions, such as text.

Cost: Free

<> Graphic Workshop

A great image utility, Graphic Workshop can view and convert between a ton of different image formats.


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