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Debunking Urban Legends & Hoaxes

Urban legends and hoaxes continue to run rampant across the Internet. For instance, if you've received email messages that contain gripes about the government charging a tax on email, warnings about virus-laden messages titled "A Virtual Card For You," or a picture of an 89-pound house cat, you've encountered a hoax. The best way to combat hoaxes and the like is to keep your suspicion on high alert, do your research, and refrain from forwarding messages whose claims you can't verify. As suggested by subscriber Alex Howard , ( is an excellent place to research and debunk hoaxes and legends of all kinds. Thanks, Alex! Here are a few more that will help you nip tall tales and false rumors in the bud:

The AFU & Urban Legends Archive:
The Straight Dope:
Urban Legends and Folklore:


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