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Search Engine Roundup

AOL Search:
- Uses Open Directory (see below) and Inktomi (see below) for its results.
- Open Directory listings are spidered by AOL's own spider, and AOL applies its own ranking algorithm to the search results.

- Index time is supposed to be 2-3 days, but AltaVista is going through some major changes, so indexing has been very slow lately. 4-6 weeks is a more likely time frame for indexing.
- "Link Popularity" will improve ranking
- Differentiates between singular/plural and lower case/upper case. We recommend including both singular/plural and lower case/upper case on your actual pages or doorway pages.
- Recommend using your keywords in the Title for better placement.
- For more on "Link Popularity" please goto to:

- A lot of search engines like HotBot, MSN and others have recently adopted the Direct Hit search technology. Getting listed with Direct Hit may also bring in considerable amount of traffic, but your site has to be somewhat popular.
- Uses "Click Popularity" to rank pages. "Click Popularity" means that the more people clicking on your link, the higher it will move.
- DirectHit is used by a number of other major search engines including: HotBot, MSN Search and Lycos.
- For more details on DirectHit and "Link Popularity" goto:

- Index time is 2 weeks, but has not been indexing for over 2 months.
- Submit main page only. Your sub-pages will be crawled if they are linked from your main page.
- Does not support META Tags, therefore we highly recommend including your keywords in your TITLE and page content.
- Uses "Link Popularity" as a ranking factor.
- Excite has announced that they are doubling their index size to 250 million listings. (Formerly Infoseek):
- Index time is 1-6 weeks
- A listing in the Directory portion will improve your ranking. To get listed in the Go Directory, you can email your site info to: or become a Go Guide and add your own site:
- "Link Popularity" is a very important ranking factor.
- Only indexes root domain URL's. You must include links to all your sub-pages from your main page in order for the sub pages to be indexed. If you don't have a root URL (domain name) and are having problems getting in, then email your submission to them via:
- For more details goto:
- Even though it is not free, can bring targeted traffic to your site at a low cost. To get listed with you have to open an account with a minimum of $25, then bid on keywords that you would like to target. The minimum bid for each keyword is $0.01. I would recommend bidding $0.01 on 500-1000 keywords related to your site. You can bid high on 5-10 keywords that are really important to your site and bid $0.01 on others.
- is a fee-based search engine.
- You can buy targeted keyword listings for as low as a penny
- The more you pay, the higher your ranking will be.
- This is truly one of the cheapest and most effective ways to advertise on the net.
- Uses Inktomi for its secondary listings after the paid ones.
- We have negotiated a deal with to offer Submit Express Newsletter readers a discounted package for advertising. It is available at:

- Google is a very new search engine and is fast becoming a favorite amongst net users.
- Google uses "Link Popularity" as its most important ranking factor.
- It is used by Netscape Search for its secondary results.

- Uses DirectHit for its top 10 listings and Inktomi for the rest of its listings.
- For better placement, get your site listed with DirectHit at:
- Uses Open Directory for its directory listings.
- For more details on how to get listed in the Top 10 of HotBot, goto:

- Inktomi is not a search engine, but it is a search engine database provider.
- Many major search engines tap into Inktomi's database to query listings. Some of these include: Yahoo, HotBot, AOL Search,, ICQiT and
- There is no way to submit to Inktomi directly. You will need to go through one of the above partners or our free submission service.
- META Tags are very important for Inktomi. Make sure all your keywords are listed in the META Tags.
- For more info about META Tags see:

- LookSmart is a human-compiled directory
- It is being used by MSN Search for its primary results, and by Excite in the directory portion.
- LookSmart uses AltaVista for those results that cannot be found in its database.
- To get a good placement in LookSmart, make sure to include your most important keywords in the description that you send them.

- Uses results from Open Directory Project for its main listings.
- Uses DirectHit and its own spidered database for secondary results.
- Make sure that you are listed in Open Directory if you are looking to get a good ranking at Lycos.

MSN Search:
- Uses LookSmart for the primary results, and then Inktomi.
- Uses DirectHit for "Top 10 most Popular Sites."

Netscape Search:
- Primary results come from Open Directory and its own "Smart Browsing" technology to find the official websites of major companies.
- Secondary results come from Google.

Northern Light:
- Northern Light has one of the biggest databases among all search engines, but it is a very under-rated search engine.
- Does not support META Tags, therefore we highly recommend including your keywords in your TITLE and page content.
- Only supports specific web page extensions (HTM, HTML, ASP). Will not support none standard extensions.

Open Directory (
- Recently, when Netscape purchased NewHoo, the Open Directory, I was quick to submit my site to be included. The only complaint I have with the Open Directory Project is that the editor in the category you are trying to submit your site to may be your competitor and may try to list your site lower in the list. But you can submit your site to three or four different categories if it belongs. Recently, Lycos and HotBot adopted the Open Directory, and Altavista is adopting it soon, so getting listed with the Open Directory may bring you a lot of traffic.

- A human-compiled directory where all the editors are volunteers from the net.
- Most everybody can become an editor by applying for a category.
- Open Directory is one of the most important directories to get listed at. Its listings are used by some major search engines such as: Netscape (who owns Open Directory), Lycos, HotBot (directory portion) and AltaVista (directory portion).
- For submission you must go to their page and submit to the category that best fits your site.
- Getting listed may take anywhere from one day to over a month, depending on when the editors check their category submissions.
- If you do not get listed within a month, we recommend that you email the appropriate category editor from the link provided on the bottom of the page.
- Make sure to use your keywords in the description that you submit, as Open Directory does not spider pages.

- Snap is a human-compiled directory.
- Snap has added a new feature called "LiveDirectory." This feature allows real time live addition of websites, without having to wait for an editor to review your site. The only difference is that the results will be shown after the regular listings. Over time, the editors will go through and add the best sites from the submissions to the actual directory listings.
- Make sure to use your keywords in the description that you submit, as Snap does not spider pages.

- Webcrawler is a small search engine owned by Excite. It has less listings than any of the other major search engines.
- It could be tough to get listed in Webcrawler, especially if you are hosted with a free hosting provider and don't own your own domain name.
- Sites can get dropped off from Webcrawler quickly. We recommend submitting to them once a month.

- Even though getting listed on Yahoo is a pain and it may take up to six months, most sites get the majority of their traffic from Yahoo!. Also try submitting to Yahoo! Local or International if your site fits. If you submitted your site to Yahoo! and nothing happened for four or five weeks, try submitting again in the same category, or maybe in a different category. You can get good tips on how to get listed on Yahoo! at search engine forums at Do what ever you have to do, but get listed on Yahoo!.
- Yahoo is a human-compiled directory, which accepts only about 100- 1500 sites a day.
- It is very tough to get listed in Yahoo, but getting listed can bring you a lot of traffic, as it is one of the most visited sites on the net.
- Follow all their instructions carefully before submission.
- You will get an email notification if your site gets accepted. If you don't get listed within a month of submission, then resubmit. Chances are that your listing has been declined or ignored.
- Uses Inktomi for its secondary listings when results cannot be found in its own database.
- For more details, goto:


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