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Traffic Building Help

So you want the world to come to your website... Well first they have to find it.

check gifTraffic Attractor Lite

This is a freeware program, which will submit a web site URL to over 2000 free4all pages and search engines, with 20 submission slots, sessions, in-program updates and more! This is a must for webmasters wanting to promote their web sites, and unlike all those other promotion tools out there, this one is free!

check gifTrafficSeeker Pro

Automate the process of submitting your web site to over 8800 search engines, directories and link pages in under 10 minutes. This easy- to-use software allows you to add/edit/remove your own engines and create custom databases so you have complete control over your submissions. The new Meta Tag Creator feature allows users to create properly formatted meta tags, insert the tags into their web pages instantly, and start promoting! The 'Crawler' feature will also search the `Net automatically and add new sites to your program instantly!

check gifLinKtoLinK

This integrated reciprocal link manager allows you to organize web site links into extensive databases and email link exchange messages. You can also manage thousands of offers and agreed-to links, and test that agreed-to links work properly. This free ad-supported version manages an unlimited number of links for one site.

check gifGNet Search Engine Submission System

1) Submits to over 170 search engines for FREE. 2) Automatic category submission, a 100% unique feature: user selects 1 category and the system selects the correct category for each search engine. 3) No FFA listings, but only real search engines. 4) Stores up to 10 profiles for your sites

check gifHTML Doorway Blaster

HTML Doorway Blaster creates "doorway" or "ghost" pages, as they are sometimes called, that are used in conjunction with search engine ranking and promotion. This program takes a list of keywords and integrates them into a series of pages, creating a massive amount of potential search engine traffic.

check gifE Marketing Wizard

This application allows the user to promote their web site to many sources (such as free classifieds, FFA's,message boards, search engines, press releases) from one handy interface. It is designed to be used for regular web site promotion. The user is also free to give it away to their customers or visitors as a useful gift.

check gifPrePromote3

Here's a freeware application that can create meta-tags for your web site - a crucial step in getting your site listed well with search engines. PrePromote can then analyse your page, pointing out problems with your meta-tags, suggesting improvements and producing a report detailing these. Furthermore, PrePromote can even be co-branded with your web site's logo and links and offered as a free download from your site!

check gifWise Wolf Pages 2000 (Lite)

Wise Wolf Pages 2000 promotes your web sites on desktops around the world easily and quickly without spamming. The software offers you the ability to get guaranteed traffic to your web site and also contains useful links for advertising resources on the web. The software also offers you the ability to see statistics on how many people have seen your web site via the software. This version is a lite version, but never expires. You can upgrade to a full version if you enjoy it.

check gifGood Keywords

Good Keywords are a powerful utility that will allow you to find all the relevant keywords related to a primary keyword so that you can optimize your web pages. For example, if the primary keyword you want to focus is 'web design' it will find the actual words users normally use to find web design services. The results are obtained by querying various web based tools provided by some of the search engines.

check gifBanner Crafter

Make banners quickly even if you have no prior experience with graphics. It's also a great promotion tool you shouldn't be without if you want more traffic to your web page or if you just want to make some banners. It's absolutely Free and easy to learn.


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