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There is a lot of space in space. One has to wonder what is out there and if we are alone. One indisputable fact we start with is that there are arguably an infinite number of galaxies out in space. And .. within each, there are arguably billions of solar systems. One has to consider that there is life out there.

An organization here in the U.S. at Berkeley, has been searching for extraterrestrial life since February 1985 by listening to radio waves (RF signals) from space. It was labelled the Search For Extra Terrestrials Intelligence (SETI). Frankly, I think the SETI project is a good program as far as it goes.

But, never have I heard my perspective on ET put forth in any public forum. So here goes.

So, are there ETs here? A couple of questions ..

If ETs are here, how could they have possibly found us? Well, obviously earth has been broadcasting an RF signature for millions of years in the form of electro-static discharges from lightening. So if ET needed any kind of beacon to home in on another similar class plant (aka Goldilocks planets), they've had it for millions of years. Heck, why millions of years, why not trillions of years or more.. probably an infinite number of years.. but I diverge. More likely that was coupled with the spectral signature our sun radiates. Wouldn't be to hard for an advanced civilization, I expect, to have some kind of scanning technology for all stars with a specific light spectrum pattern.

Meanwhile, reigning estimates of our finite thinking astro-physics community is that there are perhaps a billion or more galaxies in the universe and a billion or more stars in each galaxy. Problem with that is.. when using the new Hubble eXtreme Deep Field telescope, they have found thousands of new, never before seen galaxies, under each small patch space the size of our thumbnail as we hold out our thumb and point at any portion of the night sky. And now they are expanding their estimates by imagining one standing on the outer most furthest galaxies and look further out.

So ... if it can be that there are essentially an infinite number of stars (suns/solar systems) out there in the universe, then it follows that there are an infinite number of possibilities for other Goldilocks class planets with some forms of intelligent life in orbit around those far away suns. So, statistically speaking, half of those goldilocks planets would have been formed before earth, perhaps thousands or millions of years before earth, and statistically, life on half of those early worlds would have progressed much more rapidly than on earth.

Lets do the math ...

Dr. Frank Drake, in 1961, in an attempt to calculate how many possible intelligent worlds might be out there just in our own Milky Way galaxy, came up with an equation which came to be known as the "Drake Equation". Along a similar line, I'm taking a stab at the possible number of intelligent worlds in the entire universe. I feel that Drake's approach should have included more. After-all, if some entity could travel around our galaxy, then it would be a pretty short leap to travel around the universe. The Drake equation

Doing the math for the entire universe .. Humm, since no one knows the size of the entire universe, let's just focus on our own region of the universe.. say 12 million light years. There are 152 known galaxies within 12 million light years. Next, using very conservative estimates, lets say for arguments sake, ~1015 solar systems in those 152 galaxies. That is 10 to the 15th power (a Quattrillion, or in computer data storage terms, a Petabyte).

Next, it turns out that solar systems like ours with an earth like planet (containing intelligent life) with ..

  • our planet's mass, speed, spin, orbit, distance from the sun, age and
  • the mass & orbit of our moon and
  • the mass of our sun and
  • the overall solar system planetary mass
  • stable temperature and water for millions of years

  • is extraordinarily rare, more like unadulterated pure dumb luck. So rare, that according to one estimate, there are likely to be only 36 planets containing intelligent life within 17,000 light years of us.
    Converting that to a number.. lets put that number of intelligent life planets at.. say 0.000001% (1 in 100,000,000) solar systems containing an Earth-like planets in their Goldilocks (habitable) zones within 12 million light years. This yields ~107 Goldilocks zone planets. Next, lets say that 1/2 of the ~107 Goldilocks planets were formed before us. That would put the possible number at around ~106 far more advanced earth-like planets.

    Now, say 50% of those worlds/stars/plantes have since died. That leaves us with a VERY conservative estimate of ~105 functioning plants with a distinct possibility of being more advanced earth-like planets with, potentially, some form of space/time travel technology. Humm.. what's that number? It is roughly ~One hundred thousand (~100,000) more advanced worlds out there in our own region of the universe.

    If some of those have visited earth, it would account for us earthlings describing ET visitors since the beginning of recorded time (thousands of years).

    Now, statistically speaking, IF we have been found and visited, it just doesn't make sense that out of all that intelligent ET life being recorded, that only one ET civilization found us. To me, if we have been found and visited at all, then it makes far more sense, that we have been visited by more than one ET (from more than one planet/solar system) civilization. Since 60%-80% (purely my guess) of the sightings seem to be of dissimilar craft and/or dissimilar craft behavior, it would seem to suggest to me that we are teeming with ETs from MANY different worlds. My argument is that if only one alien species has found us, then we would be seeing 1 or 2 types of UFOs (oops UAP's). Otherwise why would one visitor build thousands of dissimler ships.

    OK, for arguements sake, let's say that ET is/are, in fact, here.

    OK, they are here. I don't have a clue what technology they are using to get here. Perhaps some form of propulsion technology, such as .. Warp Drive (Alcubierre Drive), gravitic propulsion, anti-gravity drive, or maybe any one of a dozen other propulsion systems, or some form of time or worm hole exploit.

    OK, so we have lots of ETs running around up there (here) for thousands of years, then ...

    How do they communicate between themselves? Obviously, if they are here in the numbers that the sightings suggest, then they must be able to see and interact with each other. How? Not by RF. We listen to the entire RF spectrum. How do they communicate with their home worlds? Light? Sub-atomic particles? I don't know, but they clearly must have an angle on some other spectrum of physics that we have not been able to master yet.

    What agreements are in place between the various ETs out there. They obviously are not having any disagreements (battles) between themselves over our planet, humm at least not in recent history. Maybe they worked out their issues back April 4, 1561 in the skies over Nuremberg, Germany1 . Anyway, if they had issues with each other, we would see it. So, it seems likely, in my mind, that they have long ago reached agreement over how to share this place. Humm.. share... what, why, how, what's the point? Why would multiple ETs want to come so far at great risk and expense and want to share our planet without actually coming down here, landing, stepping out and interacting with us.

    The 2 possible reasons they are here depends on whether they started arriving before Homo erectus or after.

    If they arrived before, then I expect their agenda is gardening. The ETs just want to see how we are coming along and don't want to interfere with their experiment or their crops. Sort of like weeding the garden, plucking a half grown carrot to see how it is doing, while careful not to disturb the rest of the patch.
    If they arrived after Homo erectus ("upright man"), their agenda could be research. What makes us tick?

    In any case, it accounts for so many tales of being abducted and then probed, examined and then returned.

    Have I ever seen an ET? Other than odd things flying around in the sky, tell me what an ET looks like and I'll let you know. But most likely ..No! Least I don't think so. But, I am a strong believer that they are a real statistical possibility. After all, there have been millions of documented sightings all over the world, over thousands of years. And, since the laws of physics are universal, the actual existence of extraterrestrial life (somewhere/anywhere in the universe) is a 100%. Check out the recent (July, 2020) release of Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) that maps the entire universe for a perspective.

    "Statistical possibility" does not make it a certainty, but if you ask a Las Vegas casino floor boss what their reaction would be to someone winning 50 straight spins of a roulette wheel. I should think they would answer emphatically .. "They're cheating" .. even if they didn't see it and couldn't prove it.

    Jim Turner

    I recently came across another theory of aliens visiting us put forth by Rachel Steffan, "Aliens are future versions of humans". I think they've evolved so that they're able to survive in a post-nuclear war world, or maybe after an ecological catastrophe. They've since discovered a feasible method to implement time travel. Perhaps these lifeforms are revisiting their long ago ancestors (us) to investigate what life was like, and posssibly to discover how it all went wrong."

    Another interesting piece I noticed was the posting by Bene Certiorem on Quora.

    Anyone else have any theories???

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